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"Triangle" base nebuliser

"Triangle" base nebuliser

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The Geo Series - newly designed handmade and modern essential oil diffuser. Perfect for modern home.

Utilising clever air pump technology the Triangle Geo nebulising unit delivers a cool and pure atmospheric essential oil vapour.

Once your chosen essential oils are added, air is pumped into and swirls from within the glassware reservoir, atomising the essential oils within and sending an absolute aromatic mist into your environment lasting a few hours (for any space up to 50 square meters)

No water is required and no heat is used, both of which may diminish the delicate, aromatic and therapeutic properties of essential oils.

A very chic, minimalistic and effective essential oil delivery system. An eco friendly design, featuring individually hand blown glass combined with Nordic beech.


  • LED light: press the buttom for 3 sec to switch on or off.
  • Convenient easy to use screw control design.
  • Neat, clean and eco friendly with minimal plastics utilised.
  • Stylish and contemporary design to complement any decor.
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