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Microgreens REFILL packs

Microgreens REFILL packs

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Our WELLNESS BLEND is mild and mellow in flavour and loaded with vitamins and nutrients to keep feeling healthy and energised. It combines Mizuna, Broccoli and Purple Pak Choi* - all on one mat! 


This combination is gentle on the palette and has a balanced nuttiness mixed with a soft earthiness and an amazingly refreshing crunch.


Great microgreen salad base and blended in smoothies. Pairs well with delicate flavours as it won’t overpower the dish - can even be used to garnish desserts!

The purple and green leaves will add beautiful colour to any meal. Great for kids due to the more mild flavour and interesting textures.


This blend boasts an array of Vitamins including C & K.  Broccoli brings its sulforaphane goodness to the table (a powerful antioxidant that carries many health-supporting superpowers) and Purple Pak Choi is also high in beta-carotenes, folate and B6.

Incorporate into your daily diet to help boost your immunity against colds and flus.





  • Made in NZ
  • Non GMO and Untreated Seeds
  • Fully compostable
  • Each refill contains 6 seedmats 
  • Each seedmat contains approx. 440 seeds and is a blend of Mizuna, Broccoli and Purple Pak Choi* seeds.
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