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Dazz eco-friendly cleaning system

Dazz eco-friendly cleaning system

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Cleaning products that won't cost the earth.

If you remove the "cleaner" from your kitchen spray, you'd be left with a plastic bottle almost full to the rim of the leftover water. That's because most household cleaners are made primarily of water, and that cost gets passed onto you.

Refilling your spray bottles with Dazz Tablets saves money and space, and you'll have cleaners delivered right to your door (without the plastic waste).

Dazz is formulated from natural ingredients that are safe for the whole family and effective at removing contaminants like bacteria and viruses. Dazz is a highly effective cleaner, not a disinfectant.

About 11 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, threatening our atmosphere, food chain, and marine life. With Dazz, you play a huge role in reducing plastic waste by refilling your spray bottles with tap water and adding dissolvable cleaning tablets to make your cleaning solution.

You will receive:

x 1 Dazz All Purpose glass bottle plus sachet

x 1 Dazz Glass cleaner glass bottle plus sachet

x 1 Dazz Bathroom cleaner glass bottle plus sachet

x 2 Dazz hand wash foam glass bottles plus 2 sachets


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